Apollo 11 45th Anniversary Special Event Station – N4A

The Marshall Space Flight Center Amateur Radio Club (MARC), WA4NZD, will be operating a special event station to commemorate the 45th Anniversary of Apollo 11.

Operations will be from Jul 17 0500Z – Jul 22 0459Z, (midnight CDT) using the callsign N4A (NASA for Apollo),

We will be self-spotting on the DX cluster and will be on various bands and modes.

QSL via Logbook of the World or eQSL. Paper QSLs will be available with an SASE to WA4NZD MSFC Amateur Radio Club, c/o Donald Hediger, ES32, Huntsville, AL 35812.

Check https://wa4nzd.wordpress.com or WA4NZD on QRZ.COM for availability and other frequency announcements.

Club stations from several other NASA centers and various museums will be on the air during the mission anniversary.




Apollo 11 45th Anniversary Logo

2 responses to “Apollo 11 45th Anniversary Special Event Station – N4A

  1. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden Apollo 11 45th Anniversary Message

  2. Resources to explore:

    Explore the Apollo 11 Landing Site

    Apollo Expeditions to the Moon (SP-350)
    A set of short chapters by key program participants that describe the history, the development of the program, and what was accomplished, with many photos, illustrations, and art.

    Apollo Lunar Surface Journal
    With full transcript of the Apollo 11 and other missions, and much detailed information.

    -Gary WA2JQZ, with Don N4MSN

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