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Now we have 2012

Time to start another year .!.

Sometimes it seems like we didn’t do much as a club, but just look back on this last year in the blog, and you will find NanoSail-D, VHF contests, Field Day, the Final Shuttle Launch Special Event, and points in between. We have come a long way in bringing the MARC back to life, and can be proud of that. We logged over 250 HF contacts during the STS-135 commemorative, and have sent certificates to all stations who sent us a SASE. The eQSL logs for this last year’s events will be uploaded before long, so please be patient.  /;^)

Sure we have a ways to go – but we already have plans in place to replace the HF beam rotor, and get our satellite tracking hardware back into operation. We need to focus our attention and get our Continue reading

Summer is gone

This was a hot summer, and not having any air-conditioning in the club station (again) makes the Alabama summer seem even hotter. We did press on tho, and enjoyed Field Day with minimal suffering. Understandably, not so many members came out to help, but we submitted a score based upon 99 contacts.

FD Ops

Field Day 2011 @ WA4NZD

We also conducted a special event operation during the Final Shuttle Flight, and logged over 260 contacts during the STS-135 mission. We have Continue reading

STS-135 concludes

The pre-dawn landing of the Atlantis orbiter marked the end of the US Space Shuttle Program. New developments and technologies will continue to evolve our world, but only if we push the limits of our imagination – and encourage this upcoming generation of scientists and engineers to continue in our footsteps. We will need more than Prime-Time TV and unlimited downloads to actually motivate our offspring to seek answers to the world’s questions. Show them the wonders of the world in such a way as to generate questions. Don’t just give them the easy answers. They will in time derive solutions much better than ours.

I always like to think that ham radio plays an important role in fostering exploration and discovery, that surely was the case for me. Speaking for the handful of ham operators that performed this special event here for the last two weeks; we certainly had our share of challenges and constraints, but we feel our mission was accomplished. We pulled together our limited resources, pooled our talents, and shared our enthusiasm for the space program with hundreds of fellow operators that nearly always thanked us and congratulated us on the success of NASA. We greatly appreciated your enthusiasm and interest.

WA4NZD Mission Patch for STS135

WA4NZD Mission Patch for STS135

Nine of our club members have collectively logged contact with Continue reading

STS-135 launch

STS135 Mission Patch

STS135 Mission Patch

WA4NZD will operate from NASA‘s Marshall Space Flight Center‘s club station after the launch of Atlantis to celebrate and commemorate STS-135, the final flight of the space shuttle program. The launch is currently scheduled for Friday morning, July 8th, 2011. This station Continue reading

Don’t look now, but summer is here !

I don’t see how time can pass so quickly – I thought it was constrained by the speed of light, or something like that. There are some significant operating opportunities on the radio horizon, and I intend to participate one way or another. For this month (June), the VHF contest will be starting the 18th and the annual Field Day exercise will start the 25th… We had a really great time on 50 MHz last June VHF – but we need to work a little harder on Field Day this year.

Admittedly last month we were pre-empted by the tornadoes and resulting multi-day power outage that kept the base closed, and I was on a NASA trip to White Sands the month before that – but I have not been pushing as hard to keep things rolling as I coulda/shoulda been… I have so many ideas and project irons in the fire – it is scary sometimes. I’m seriously wanting/needing to find more participation and assistance with some of these projects. I know time is precious these days, and summer also brings vacations – BUT – this summer we have AC !

Tomorrow (Thr) will be the 1st Thr of the month again already – so it is meeting time. I’ll be over there no later than 4pm, and will hang around until at least 6pm, so please come by 4622 if you can. (Quick Maps here). We have a few things to discuss, one is an approaching Special Event opportunity.
In years past, this club has operated many special events – one in specific was to commemorate the launch of STS-1. WA4NZD made over 2000 contacts with over 30 different countries in a 2 day period. Here is the certificate :

copy of STS-1 certificate

MSFC Certificate for STS-1 Commemorative

There is discussion of a NASA Special Event operation to commemorate the launch of the final flight of the space shuttle, now that a date has been selected (early July). It would not be very smart of our club to commit to participating in this event, if we don’t have the support and participation of enough operators to actually do this.  Lets figure it out. We know better to jump in un-prepared.

Again, the meeting for June is tomorrow, June 2nd at 4pm, Bldg 4622.
We’ll be listening on the 147.100 repeater in case someone needs directions.
Come early, come late – just try to make it even if only for a few minutes.

Thanks  /;^)

STS133 – Discovery Launches !

Discovery is finally away, and has now met up with the ISS for a visit.

Launch of STS133

STS133 leaves Florida, heading for ISS. (Photo by NASA)

It seems like a long time ago that we ran the Special Event Continue reading

QSLs-Incoming . . .

We have received a good batch of QSL cards, and SASEs for our STS133 Special Event Certificate. These are still being in-processed, and will be returned soon. We really appreciate your interest and support.

fan mail arriving

STS133 Special Event response

The current schedule shows a Feburary launch date, so we will likely be on the air again with this operation before the flight, and possibly even during the mission.