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6m antenna is ready

Wednesday afternoon I took some more time to visit the club station at Bldg 4622, and finish the connections for the 6 meter antenna.

antenna at MSFC 4622

Our 5 element 50 MHz antenna on the rotor deck

The coax is secured and weatherproofed, the rotor and thrust bearing is intact. Inside you can see my Yaesu FT-897D from home, along with my MFJ antenna analyzer. The SWR is a respectable 1.8:1 at a resonant frequency of 50.150 … I called CQ on 50.125, but had no response. A short time later tho I did hear someone else, and moved the antenna rotor to improve the signal. I had a brief chat with Ed – K2LCK, who lives on Long Island in New York (FN30)… only 850 miles or so with 50 watts – I thought that a good indicator of success.

WB5RMG's FT-897D at MSFC 4622

FT-897D listening on 50.125 MHz

Even tho I messed up on the date, and we missed the ARRL June VHF Sweepstakes – there is a SMIRK contest this weekend on 6 meters. I came out Saturday morning about 8am, but have only worked two stations so far. First was Barry – KJ4UGO, over in Trinity, AL (EM64). Then just now I worked Don – KC2AQU in Tuckerton, NJ (FM29). I have heard some others down in the noise today, so I suspect the band is gonna be up and down. I may come back out later this afternoon or evening and listen some more.

There is currently some undetermined issue with my outbound email, so any information I sent out last night about my activities here today have not made it to the YahooGroup. Anyway, I’ll try to listen on the 147.100 repeater this afternoon in case anyone is trying to get me there. You can try me on my cell phone once I leave here for lunch, but I’m using it here as a modem to get on the internet to post this…

Thanks  /;^)


Sept.2 4pm monthly meeting

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