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FieldDay2010 pics

Lotsa good action on the bands today for the contest… We have enjoyed the company of several folks at the club station. The most rewarding to me of course, is seeing the new hams working the radio, and learning the routine. Contests like this one are great for that, as many many folks start this way, and no one needs feel awkward – as flubs and tongue-tangles are everywhere. It’s just part of the process. Lots of questions were asked, and answers flowed freely. Here are a few pics taken thru the day so far.

crowd gathering around

Rob, Andrew, David, Stan & Carl

another new ham gets on HF for the 1st time !

David - KJ4OKJ gets his first mic-time on 15m

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Spring Cleaning in Progress

Progress is showing in the spring cleaning effort underway in Bldg 4622.

club station pic 1

Spring Cleaning in progress

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From 2007 1215

TS-830 works again

TS-830 works again

The make operable activity on the HF station Friday afternoon was successful. There was no real disfunction to repair, but it was a good exercise in figuring out what we have, what works, what we need, etc… I spent most of the time looking for a probe, or even a cut-off BNC connector to use with the oscilloscope. Turns out – the cable between the mic stand and the radio can be plugged into the mic stand the right way and the wrong way. It has a symetrical pin config, but no mechanical key to ensure proper orientation. There is a tiny red dot on both the plug and the base connector. Once it was oriented properly – it worked. I had previously been able to go thru the TS-830 tune-up procedure on 20m, and the antenna was ready. Now with audio the radio can put out modulated RF. I made a brief contact with a station near Boulder Colorado for an audio check. Now that this station is operable, we need to establish our guidelines on it’s use – things such as training, logging, care-and-feeding of, etc… There is one more ‘trick’ to putting this station on-air, which I will share with those that get ‘flight-qualified’ on this rig… Still needs a good cleaning up but otherwise, it is now available for listening and general enjoyment.

Thanks /;^)