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STS-135 concludes

The pre-dawn landing of the Atlantis orbiter marked the end of the US Space Shuttle Program. New developments and technologies will continue to evolve our world, but only if we push the limits of our imagination – and encourage this upcoming generation of scientists and engineers to continue in our footsteps. We will need more than Prime-Time TV and unlimited downloads to actually motivate our offspring to seek answers to the world’s questions. Show them the wonders of the world in such a way as to generate questions. Don’t just give them the easy answers. They will in time derive solutions much better than ours.

I always like to think that ham radio plays an important role in fostering exploration and discovery, that surely was the case for me. Speaking for the handful of ham operators that performed this special event here for the last two weeks; we certainly had our share of challenges and constraints, but we feel our mission was accomplished. We pulled together our limited resources, pooled our talents, and shared our enthusiasm for the space program with hundreds of fellow operators that nearly always thanked us and congratulated us on the success of NASA. We greatly appreciated your enthusiasm and interest.

WA4NZD Mission Patch for STS135

WA4NZD Mission Patch for STS135

Nine of our club members have collectively logged contact with Continue reading


STS-135 launch

STS135 Mission Patch

STS135 Mission Patch

WA4NZD will operate from NASA‘s Marshall Space Flight Center‘s club station after the launch of Atlantis to celebrate and commemorate STS-135, the final flight of the space shuttle program. The launch is currently scheduled for Friday morning, July 8th, 2011. This station Continue reading

Special Event STS-133

During lunch (and hopefully other odd times) the MSFC club station will be on the air during the STS-133 Shuttle mission. Currently we have been on 14.257 MHz – and have worked several stations. Listen for us .!.

Celebrating the final flight of the Space Shuttle Discovery,
This is WA4NZD at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL.
Whiskey Alpha Four November Zulu Delta.

Dusty operating WA4NZD

STS-133 Special Event . . . Dusty at the mic

FieldDay2010 pics

Lotsa good action on the bands today for the contest… We have enjoyed the company of several folks at the club station. The most rewarding to me of course, is seeing the new hams working the radio, and learning the routine. Contests like this one are great for that, as many many folks start this way, and no one needs feel awkward – as flubs and tongue-tangles are everywhere. It’s just part of the process. Lots of questions were asked, and answers flowed freely. Here are a few pics taken thru the day so far.

crowd gathering around

Rob, Andrew, David, Stan & Carl

another new ham gets on HF for the 1st time !

David - KJ4OKJ gets his first mic-time on 15m

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Field Day 2010

This weekend is almost here ! Every year towards the end of June, ham radio clubs and individuals setup their equipment to exercise and demonstrate their capability to provide radio communications across the US and Canada. This year we expect over 35,000 licensed ham radio operators to participate in what we call simply “Field Day“.

ARRL 2010 Field Day logo

ARRL 2010 Field Day logo

We do this as part of our public service initiative to support Continue reading

Spring Cleaning in Progress

Progress is showing in the spring cleaning effort underway in Bldg 4622.

club station pic 1

Spring Cleaning in progress

As we continue trying to renew the interest in this historic club station, restoring some functionality is important; but having a Continue reading

Why MARC should come back

This post is to invite you to post a reply here – indicating your reasons for wanting the MSFC Amateur Radio Club to start up again… In order to proceed we need to have a show of hands, to gauge the level of support we might find in the MSFC/RSA community. If you have not yet read the “Read This First” and the “Welcome to MARS” articles as linked at the top of the page, please visit those and Continue reading