Field Day 2012

Every year the ARRL sponsors a training exercise called Ham Radio Field Day, and yes it is often conducted ‘in a field’. The exercise is an opportunity to demonstrate our ability to setup portable radio stations under ‘less than optimal’ conditions, and still be able to establish contact with other similar radio stations around the county. We format this as a competition to encourage participation and include things like news media coverage and press releases to accumulate more points. There are thousands of clubs, groups, and individuals that will be participating, and we literally will contact as many as possible from our radio station here at MSFC in Building 4622.
You can see a map here showing other Field Day sites across the US.

For 2012 we will be in operation Saturday afternoon and on Sunday morning (June 23 & 24), in this 24 hour contest. If we get ambitious, some may stay up thru the night making even more contacts and increasing our score.

In case you do not have access to the Redstone Arsenal (& MSFC), the Huntsville Amateur Radio Club will also be participating ‘from the field’ at the US Space & Rocket Center. You should bring your kids and questions to one of these event locations, both if you can …. We love to talk about what we do.

Thanks  /;^)


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