From the Constitution and By-Laws of the Marshall Amateur Radio Club :

We the members of the Marshall Amateur Radio Club do organize for the mutual recreation and pleasure in Amateur Radio. We recognize that the MARS Marshall Amateur Radio Club is an element of the NASA Exchange – MSFC and is organized and operates under the direct authority and control of the Exchange.

I don’t find the exact words just now, but I’ll update this when I do; but any funding the club may receive from the Marshall Exchange is from ‘non-tax dollars’. This only has significance to those with that concern.

The majority of our funding comes from club dues, and contributions of time and equipment from numerous volunteers and interested supporters. We greatly appreciate their support and will try to make reference to that on this page and in subsequent sub-menus. No one pays for these mentions.

In no particular order (actually, the order I type them in…)

  • The NASA/Marshall Exchange :
    our official club status and associated support
  • our members :
    untold hours of volunteer labor and expertise
    (and spare/surplus parts & pieces to make it work)
  • The American Radio Relay League :
    a contribution of books and training aids
  • Gigaparts :
    * donation of a RadioWavz DX160 antenna !
    discounted station accessories
  • random stations contacted :
    thanks for so many QSL and SASE (some w/green stamps)
    expressing a sincere interest in our successful operations
  • and more to be posted as we continue to grow