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New NN4SA Website is Active

NN4SA Website banner, our new website for our new NN4SA call sign is now active. All of our future updates will be posted there.

The WA4NZD website that you are reading now,, will remain available.
At some point in the near future, comments will be disabled on this site.
We want to keep this site for reference,
but please direct your comments into the new site .

Thanks  /;^)

2014 IARU HF World Championship

The results from the July, 2014 International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) High Frequency (HF) World Championship contest were published. WA4NZD placed first in Alabama, in the Single Operator, Mixed-mode (phone & CW), Low Power category. World-wide the club placed #2507 out of 5181 participants. The club earned a score of 32,480, with 152 QSOs and 80 multipliers. The operator was WA2JQZ.

KB5EZ also participated in the contest from his home. He placed third in Alabama, in the same category.

Detailed scores (see Page 14 for WA4NZD):

ARRL Contest Database with contest article:

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North American QSO Party – Phone

Gary WA2JQZ and Patti Kurth joined Rob KB5EZ for operating portable on Monte Sano for the North American QSO Party - Phone. (January 17, 2015)

Gary WA2JQZ and Patti Kurth joined Rob KB5EZ for operating portable on Monte Sano for the North American QSO Party – Phone. (January 17, 2015) (Photo: KB5EZ)

Patti Kurth and I (Gary WA2JQZ) joined Rob KB5EZ last Saturday afternoon to operate portable on Monte Sano for the North American QSO Party – Phone.

We operated from a scenic overlook on the east side of the park.  The weather was sunny and mild, making a perfect winter afternoon.  We made 60 contacts in the US, Canada and the Caribbean in about 3 hours.  For antennas we strung an end fed wire in a tree for 20 meters, and for 15 meters we used Rob’s 17 meter hamstick on the car with an external tuner.  Our transceiver was a Yaesu FT-897 running 100 watts off a dedicated car battery.   Our contacts ranged from Washington State to Newfoundland, Canada to the Dominican Republic and US Virgin Islands.  We had a beautiful day with beautiful scenery, and we had lots of fun operating.

Rob continued operating later in the evening from his home QTH.   He finished with 75 QSOs with 44 multipliers and 3300 points.





[Posted by Gary WA2JQZ with Rob KB5EZ. Photos by KB5EZ.]

A reminder of how we as hams serve the community with Emergency Services


ARRL WhenAllElseFails

Amateur Radio provides communications

A reminder of the role we serve for emergencies:

A Voice of America story from 2009 about Ham Radio Emergency Services training and practice.

California Students Learn Emergency Radio, First Aid Skills

[ ]

Our club will visit the Huntsville Emergency Operations Center (EOC) tomorrow evening Wednesday (January 14, 2015) at 5:30 pm.  Information about the visit for members is on our email distribution.

73, Gary

ARRL Club Affiliation

We are now officially an ARRL affiliated club again. Please see our listing at

We first became affiliated in 1979.


Operating our Orion Special Event Station Saturday Morning

Orion EFT-1 Special Event Station snapshot (December 5th).

Rob KB5EZ and Dave KK4IKR operated for our Orion Special Event on Saturday morning on 20 meter SSB.

Rob KB5EZ and Dave KK4IKR operated for our Orion Special Event on Saturday morning on 20 meter SSB. John N4CNY and Gary WA2JQZ (not pictured) operated during the afternoon.

Thank you for contacting us for our Orion Test Flight Special Event

Thank you for contacting us for our Orion Special Event Station, yesterday, Saturday December 6, 2014.  We commemorated the successful EFT-1 test flight of the Orion spacecraft, flown the previous day. Thank you also for sharing your thoughts about the United States Space Program, and for expressing your support and pride.

We operated with our club call sign WA4NZD. We logged about 230 QSOs, most on 20 meters SSB. We tried 10 and 15 meters, but didn’t get much traffic.  We tried a few digital QSOs, most on 40 meters RTTY. Our operators were KB5EZ, KK4IKR, N4CNY, and WA2JQZ.

If you contacted us, QSL via Logbook of the World and eQSL. Paper QSL cards are available with a business sized SASE to WA4NZD MSFC Amateur Radio Club, c/o Donald Hediger, ES35, NASA MSFC, Huntsville, AL 35812, USA. Our email contact address is wa4nzd/at/gmail/dot/com..

Check our speical event page for additional information.

The Orion completed a successful test flight on Friday December 5, 2014, with a splashdown at 10:29 Central Time. The Exploration Flight Test 1 (EFT-1) was designed to test the Orion spacecraft and its systems, especially its heatshield for re-entry. The flight lasted four hours, and made two Earth orbits. The second orbit was highly eccentric, which enabled a high speed re-entry comparable to returning from deep space missions. EFT-1 is the opening test flight that will eventually lead to operational missions with the new Space Launch System (SLS) heavy lift launch vehicle.  The Space Launch System is now being developed and built at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center.  Some components of the Orion test vehicle were designed and tested at NASA Marshall. The next flight of Orion will be aboard the Space Launch System, at this time scheduled for about 2018.  The Orion spacecraft is managed by the NASA Johnson Space Flight Center in Houston, Texas.

More information about the Orion spacecraft and program: