December 1st is meeting day.

Our first Thursday meeting schedule happens to land on the 1st next month.
The December meeting, will be held on Thursday the 1st at 4:30pm CST.
Several of us get there early, and stay late – so please stop by Bldg 4622.
Seems to catch me off guard when it is this early in the month, as I like to post something on the blog. I wish there was more news to report, but very little has changed. Looking at the building log, it appears that I am the only one that has been there since the November meeting. We are still planning the overhaul of the HF beam and rotor on the big tower, but are also still on hold pending repair of the hi-lift ‘cherry-picker’.

The recent acquisition of the salvaged desk/console makes an attractive addition to the club station. Come see it in person, and help us figure out how we might want to setup the various equipment pieces.
Here is a fairly recent recent photo of the new furniture arrangement :


almost looks 'modern' . . .

There will be plenty of ‘old business’ to discuss, and we are still trying to get dues collected before the end of the year. We need our members to continue their support of ‘our club’ . . . Please make plans to attend this last meeting of the year, and catch up on the various projects and plans we are making for 2012.

Thanks  /;^)


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