Summer is gone

This was a hot summer, and not having any air-conditioning in the club station (again) makes the Alabama summer seem even hotter. We did press on tho, and enjoyed Field Day with minimal suffering. Understandably, not so many members came out to help, but we submitted a score based upon 99 contacts.

FD Ops

Field Day 2011 @ WA4NZD

We also conducted a special event operation during the Final Shuttle Flight, and logged over 260 contacts during the STS-135 mission. We have opened envelopes and collected the SASE that were submitted, and printed certificates. It is a slow process unfortunately, as volunteer time is scarce these days, but rest assured that you have not been forgotten. If we received your SASE, your certificate will be on the way shortly. Thanks for so many neat  QSL cards ..!.. We expect to upload Field Day and Final Shuttle contacts into soon also.

Shuttle Special Event

Shuttle Event items

Turning to club news, it is time for our monthly meeting this week. We will gather at our club station in Bldg 4622 at the Marshall Space Flight Center. We have several items to discuss, both old and new business. Please try to attend. Typically we start arriving about 4 or 4:30 pm, but there is no strict schedule and we run a fairly loose agenda. We are often there until 6pm or later, so drop in even if only for a short visit. This is great weather to work on our antennas – while  it is not too hot, and not too cold.

new (old) desk

Recycled desk/console for us !

Please come see us, and bring a friend.
Thanks  /;^)


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