STS-135 launch

STS135 Mission Patch

STS135 Mission Patch

WA4NZD will operate from NASA‘s Marshall Space Flight Center‘s club station after the launch of Atlantis to celebrate and commemorate STS-135, the final flight of the space shuttle program. The launch is currently scheduled for Friday morning, July 8th, 2011. This station may be in operation sporadically throughout the entire mission, based entirely on operator availability. Most likely the operating times will be during lunch and after work. Watch this website and our for the most timely updates in real time. Similar operations are being conducted at other NASA centers, including:

  • special event station N4S operating near the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Their information can be found via .
  • The JSC club station W5RRR near Houston, Tx ..
  • special event station N5S operating from near the White Sands Complex in New Mexico. Their web site can be found via
  • Hopefully, other NASA center radio clubs will be operating on nearby frequencies and several should be available for multiple contacts.

These are volunteers, and many of us are working supporting shuttle and ISS missions during our day-job time slots… please be patient with us.

The operating frequencies for WA4NZD are most likely to be near 7.280, 14.280, and 21.280. A confirmation certificate will be provided only to stations in our contact logs that submit a large 8.5 x 11 (#10) SASE, as this operation receives only voluntary contributions for postage and printing expenses. Confirmation via is of course at no cost.

We are proud to be able to support the shuttle program, and to be able to celebrate this final launch of the shuttle program. Bon Voyage . . . ! . . .

The STS135 crew

The STS135 crew

Listen for us and give us a call.
Thanks  /;^)

( – update, as of 11am CDT 8 July 2011 – )
The orbiter Atlantis is underway, and has attained orbit.
Our special event operations will commence shortly.
Please also visit our Final Shuttle Flight page for additional thoughts.

( – update, as of 4:30pm CDT 8 July 2011 – )
We are currently on 20m at 14.280 +/- 10 kHz.
We managed to get thru the pileup and made contact with N4S, there were lots of stations calling them. Could be busy…  /;^)

One response to “STS-135 launch

  1. I operated WA4NZD this evening, and logged 4o contacts. I quit when I ran out of log sheets, at least that I could find.
    John, N4CNY

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