Quick Field Day Update

Sure has been a busy month . . .
Here it is Friday before Field Day 2011, and I haven’t a thing on the web site talking about our plans. I guess we don’t need a lot of plans….
Our club station will operate again this year in the “1F” category as an EOC.
This location is actually returning to active duty as an ‘auxiliary EOC‘, that can serve as a backup for the operational centers at both MSFC and the Fox Army Hospital. We only have minimal equipment and antennas just now, so this category suits our needs. We mostly want to provide a place for our members to operate and get a taste of Field Day. No serious score-chasing here, but we will operate on whatever bands we find other stations that can hear us. We will also be looking for bonus points for contacts via satellite, packet email, ATV – whatever we can do. It will be fun, and an adventure. Our main air-conditioning unit is still down, but we have obtained a small portable unit which should take the edge off the heat. Considering most Field Day operations are conducted outdoors, having a solid roof that sheds rain will be a good thing.

Anyway, WA4NZD will be active on the ham bands this weekend – so give us a call if you hear us. Or stop by and say howdy if you can. We will try to keep an ear to the 147.100 repeater for talk-in.

Thanks  /;^)

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