Don’t look now, but summer is here !

I don’t see how time can pass so quickly – I thought it was constrained by the speed of light, or something like that. There are some significant operating opportunities on the radio horizon, and I intend to participate one way or another. For this month (June), the VHF contest will be starting the 18th and the annual Field Day exercise will start the 25th… We had a really great time on 50 MHz last June VHF – but we need to work a little harder on Field Day this year.

Admittedly last month we were pre-empted by the tornadoes and resulting multi-day power outage that kept the base closed, and I was on a NASA trip to White Sands the month before that – but I have not been pushing as hard to keep things rolling as I coulda/shoulda been… I have so many ideas and project irons in the fire – it is scary sometimes. I’m seriously wanting/needing to find more participation and assistance with some of these projects. I know time is precious these days, and summer also brings vacations – BUT – this summer we have AC !

Tomorrow (Thr) will be the 1st Thr of the month again already – so it is meeting time. I’ll be over there no later than 4pm, and will hang around until at least 6pm, so please come by 4622 if you can. (Quick Maps here). We have a few things to discuss, one is an approaching Special Event opportunity.
In years past, this club has operated many special events – one in specific was to commemorate the launch of STS-1. WA4NZD made over 2000 contacts with over 30 different countries in a 2 day period. Here is the certificate :

copy of STS-1 certificate

MSFC Certificate for STS-1 Commemorative

There is discussion of a NASA Special Event operation to commemorate the launch of the final flight of the space shuttle, now that a date has been selected (early July). It would not be very smart of our club to commit to participating in this event, if we don’t have the support and participation of enough operators to actually do this.  Lets figure it out. We know better to jump in un-prepared.

Again, the meeting for June is tomorrow, June 2nd at 4pm, Bldg 4622.
We’ll be listening on the 147.100 repeater in case someone needs directions.
Come early, come late – just try to make it even if only for a few minutes.

Thanks  /;^)

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