VHF rotor update

Last week I found the time to look at the VHF rotor.
This is the one mounted on the antenna deck that we moved to the west side of the building. I believe it had  been used by KB5EZ in his meteor-scatter research, so the expectation was that it might still be usable. I removed the 4 bolts that held the motor to the deck, and took it inside to clean it up a bit.

temporary connection for test

testing the VHF rotor

After removing the leftover pieces of the control cable (the screws are rusted, and need to be handled carefully), I used a wire brush to clean that area a bit. It could use some more careful cleaning. Using the 6ft pigtail left on the rotor controller, I connected the motor and verified that it has motion in both CW and CCW directions (you need to hold down the brake release button).
It Works..!..

There is a long piece of control cable available, and we should confirm that it will reach. Don brought us some crimp-on tabs for the outside wire ends. It will work better to fasten the wires to the motor before it gets reattached to the deck, it would be difficult to reach up thru the deck grate to tighten the screws. But once the connectors are crimped, that end of the cable can be passed thru the hole in the aluminum plate, then up thru the deck grate – then attached to the motor.

Once we pass the other end of the cable back into the building and confirm it all works – we should spray the connections with Krylon, or some other protection to help keep moisture out. Then the motor can be bolted back onto the deck.

The motor and home-made thrust bearing (the two 2×4 on the handrail) had been installed on the western end of the deck, but we may want to mount it this time on the eastern end of the deck. I also noticed while removing the 6m antenna, that the feedline on that is cracked and should be replaced. Plenty of fun stuff to do, and the weather is perfect. Lets get some of this stuff done before it gets too hot. Summer usually brings great band openings on 6 meters, so lets be ready for the VHF contests. We oughta be able to mount this 50 MHz beam, the 220 MHz beam, and possibly another (N5AYD‘s 1296 loop yagi ?)….
Lets make good use of this rotor.

Thanks  /;^)

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