STS133 – Discovery Launches !

Discovery is finally away, and has now met up with the ISS for a visit.

Launch of STS133

STS133 leaves Florida, heading for ISS. (Photo by NASA)

It seems like a long time ago that we ran the Special Event operations.
I’m sure that some of the operators that we talked with think that we have forgotten about them – BUT, that is not the case. We have a stack of QSL cards and certificates waiting to get processed out of the outbox . . . It was suggested that we hold off on sending them tho, until Discovery actually got off the ground and into orbit. Of course no one had any suspicion at the time that this might take a few months. We are thankful that it was a good clean launch.

Anyway, STS133 is underway and our mission is to get these outbound cards and SASE processed and on the way to your inbox. If we really get our act together, we might operate some more during the flight, to help spread the excitement a little further. We logged about 250 contacts in just the few days that we conducted this Special Event station. This quickly became a large project for such a small club. It is easy for us to forget sometimes, that it was only about a year ago we were wondering if our attempt to restart this club would be able to take root and continue to grow. The enthusiastic support and encouragement we have seen as a result of this Special Commemorative operation has been seriously rewarding, and actually will help keep our motivations high. We CAN do something this significant, and everyone that sent in a QSL card and/or a SASE has cast a vote in our support – and we  seriously want to say “ Thank You !!

Please continue your patience, as we get our administrative hats back on, and finish processing these QSL and certificates returns. We have a club meeting this week, and need to make good on this follow-thru. If you are participating in this club, or have interest in learning more about amateur radio – plan to be there:
Thursday, March 3 @ 4pm … Bldg 4622. (Maps here)
Thanks  /;^)

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