STS133 launch delay

We can be certain that the STS133 crew is anxious to get on with their job, but safety comes  first. We wish them a successful mission…
Currently the schedule only says “..not before December 17“.

STS133 crew photo

the STS-133 Mission Photo

Even with recent launch delays, our club members have been fairly active on the bands with our special event station. We have gotten behind in posting results, so this is a bit of catching-up. Here you see Andy – KJ4WIN making contacts.

Andy on the air

Andy - KJ4WIN on 20 meters

On 8 Nov, Dusty – W4FSH worked (on 20m) :
n2det, kd8sad, n3ppe, n4okl, w2ckl, ve3axw, kb1tsg, ka0tzx, n2rca, k1hap, n5ech, n2usm, kc2uml, ab8lo, n2yn, kc9noj, w3fj, ve3xn, ve3ic, wa3zic, w6jry, w3erh, w2ddi, wb0ukl, k3dre, kd3uoa, ve1rec, kw3jjk, kd0bwi, kc2pqi, ke5dfk, kf5flq, w4mcx, ki4oxp, w1hio, kp4agw, kb1rng, kb1gjn, n3his

On 8 Nov, Craig – KJ4LAA worked (on 40m) :
n5ajk, n4plr, kc9pkx, kb9pbz, w3fj, n8dod, kj4yea, va3vet, k4anx, n4sc, k4mij, n7yp, wb8ctc, n4iat, kf4nbd, wb3izf, w0ds, w4qj, wd8rwi, kc2pqi, n5wyn, k8jrg, kc8dku, ka9mps, kb3phl, kd8jxp, wb0ukl

On 9 Nov, John – KI4WLY worked (on 20m) :
wa2znc, kc2gyt, n8yh, kc2wtn, ac2aj, kc4wuo, w1veh, kb1hsa

On 9 Nov, Craig – KJ4LAA worked (on 40m) :
w4ccq, k4bro, w8wg, ki4ocx, kf4uga, ve3edy, wb4vhf, n8eeg, n2cmd, kc4zb, k4zj, w7sac/4, n8ubz, w4ilc, kw8ut, wa3gfm, n4jj, kr9e, w8nlz, k4bg, w9uf, n8ohb, n0cwr, k1sma, w9skv, kc8ovb

On 15 Nov, Craig – KJ4LAA worked (on 40m) :
ks4fe, k4vw, kd4hxs, kc4par, wd8phv, wa2vuy, kc9mti, k9mbb, kj4ucs, kg4eip, kf5aeq, wa0gpf, n5roc
* and* on 147 MHz : wa4syi, n5roc

We will continue to operate and update as we can.

STS133 Mission Patch

STS133 Mission Patch

Thanks everyone for the enthusiasm and interest in the human space flight program. We really enjoy hearing from everyone, it is amazing how many folks have either worked in this industry, or have relatives or freiends that have been connected with the space program over the 50 years of NASA.

73 for now.

2 responses to “STS133 launch delay

  1. Any possibility of obtaining a mission photo and or patch through you folks? SASE was sent for previous contact for certificate and QSL.

    73 – Doug – W6HB

  2. I believe that the certificate is based upon the crew photo, but I have only seen the pre-production materials. The images used here on the web site were from the website. We will try to get some of the crew photos from the Public Affairs Office (PAO), but I really don’t know about the patches…
    I have seen reference to patches on – I assume they sell them on-line from their web site.
    Thanks for the contact Doug, and your comment … /;^)

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