Special Event STS-133

During lunch (and hopefully other odd times) the MSFC club station will be on the air during the STS-133 Shuttle mission. Currently we have been on 14.257 MHz – and have worked several stations. Listen for us .!.

Celebrating the final flight of the Space Shuttle Discovery,
This is WA4NZD at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, AL.
Whiskey Alpha Four November Zulu Delta.

Dusty operating WA4NZD

STS-133 Special Event . . . Dusty at the mic

18 responses to “Special Event STS-133

  1. Contacts logged 2010 1101
    kc2jxm, kb1try, wa1hff, wb1cqw, k5mlt, n8clb, kc2tfx, w3/g7uvo

  2. Contacts logged 2010 1102
    ke1md, w0jay, n1def, k2bs, kd3l, n2oci, kd2ozw, aa2mh, w4emm, ve3tdf, k4ztt, wb0sga, kc2osr, w1fmo, kd8gix, k3dyu

  3. Contacts logged 2010 1103
    wa0qlp, w4zfh, kb0wom, kc8bvl, wa2qvk, kb3vel, kc5mvv, n6tw, kb1sic, w2rfu, k7rpr, kd0bik, kc2tel, kb1hsa, n5xpz, kf7kvf, ke1d

  4. Contacts logged 2010 1104 (by Dusty – W4FSH)
    kg5wy, k3lyb, kd4bce, k4ztt, kb3ujs, n0aie, kb2udm, wa9urf, ka2rjm, w9aba, k0msk, _V31MH_, kc2utz, wa2tiy, k2mkd, w2ads, ad9p, kc2lmb, ve3bq, w4emm, k3jf, k9btp, kb3fte, w3yw, wa0bc

  5. Contacts logged 2010 1104 (by Andy – KJ4WIN)
    n3kbf, kc2puy, wa2fjm, kg4kzg, wb3sok, n2rra, wy2u, wb3iwc, n4daa, k1rib, n8sty, k1qex, w1rfs, kb1qew

    • Allen Mushin

      I was wondering if I was going to get a return QSL card. I sent you one with a SASE. Tks…73 Al K1QEX

  6. Contacts logged 2010 1104 (by Andy – KJ4WIN)
    kd0fin, wa0myh, wb2vun, wj7b, w1vfo, aj2i, ka1njx, wb9wkt, ve1bb, w9rll, k1svc, k4ztt, w6hb, ki6eab

  7. Tnx for QSO, Andy. What size SASE do you folks need for the shuttle certificate?

  8. I’ve had a great time logging contacts so far. Let’s keep it going.

  9. Contacts logged 2010 1105 (by Dusty – W4FSH)
    w4rex, ki6eab, k0bog,kd5vfd, kd0cao, kf5sa, _F4ELJ_, ve3dhp, ag2m, k5gvp, ve3flt, k0kes, kc2wi, n3nep, w3mat, k0wnm, wb3cqd, ae2x, na5bd, n5roc

  10. Contacts logged 2010 1105 (by Andy – KJ4WIN)
    n7car, w6slz, k1dx, kb5yn, k1cyq, k3hsk, ve3dij, kc5abr, w2dds, n1kwv, _WA0MYH_and the entire class!_!_!_ Thanks Gary ! /;^)

  11. We got an email that K5DRV in Georgetown, TX wasn’t quite able to catch us before we signed off.

    We’re going to keep making contacts on our lunch breaks throughout Discovery’s mission, so please keep trying to make that contact! In the meantime, we’ll send you a QSL card. If you’ll send us an SASE 8 1/2 x 11 envelope, we’ll send you a certificate! 73!

  12. Dusty,
    What address do we send our QSL & request?

    • Hey Chuck,
      All 8 1/2 X 11 SASE’s and QSL cards can be sent here:

      C/o Paul Dumbacher ET10
      Marshall Space Flight Center
      Huntsville, AL 35812

      Discovery’s launch has been delayed until no earlier than November 30, but we’ll keep celebrating until we get them up there and back again.

      Keep those cards and letters coming in, folks!

  13. Ed Vengrouskie, K5DRV

    Hope to catch you next time you are on the air..you were sounding good here in Georgetown, TX ( 30 miles north of Austin).
    73, Ed. K5DRV

  14. Bogdan Segarceanu

    Hello Sir
    I had a QSO with you on 11-09 on 20 m band and i will like to send my QSL and receive yours
    My calL is KC2WUO and i will like to find out what i supose to send in order to receive your certificate
    thank you and 73

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