BYO lunch Nov.1

We had a bit of an antenna party after the meeting in early October, and now have the new 160 meter dipole hanging from the pole (the 80m dipole is still there too). We haven’t had much opportunity to check out this new antenna, so some of us are meeting at 4622 during lunch Nov 1st. This off-center-feed dipole (also known sometimes as a Windom) is 264 ft of good stranded copper, and signals seem noticable stronger. We also mounted the 6 meter beam on the new antenna deck, and need to get that rotor connected…

Plenty of stuff to consider and plan our strategy around. Bring your lunch out and join in on the fun. We expect to start about 11am, and will likely be there for a few hours (I need to start my day early for STS-133 launch support, so I’ll be done for the day by lunchtime). Come on down ..!..


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