Sept.2 4pm monthly meeting

Please mark your schedules for the upcoming monthly meeting of the Marshall Amateur Radio Club. This month the 1st Thr is on the 2nd… We need to continue (start?) discussion of the desired updates to the By-Laws, and press into the budget renewal process. Both of these items will need a little more than the monthly meeting to process, so please step up and help.  This is how the club will continue to exist, and your participation is vital. Without your continued support the club will be in danger of fading away. Please help keep it going.

The YahooGroup is our primary communication channel, and if you are not there – please join. Add your comment here if you need additional detail on joining the email list. We can not simply add your name – you need to subscribe. This is an internal email service, not for the public. The YahooGroup does not equate to club membership, but to join the email list we need to know that you have RSA/MSFC access and an interest in the club. Use this link to join the email group: – Click the Blue “JOIN THIS GROUP” button on the right side. You will need to either sign in or create a new account. Please include comments to identify yourself and provide your callsign, or indicate your interest in obtaining a FCC license…

Leave a comment here if you need additional information on the YahooGroup startup. Please plan to come to our September 2nd meeting at 4pm in Bldg 4622. Follow Rideout Rd, all the way south – turn right onto Fowler, then almost immediately split off to the left on Centaur. You will see our radio tower and some satellite dishes. We are usually there until 6pm or so after the meeting, so come on by even if you can’t get there by 4pm. We have plenty to see and do.

Thanks  /;^)

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