Antenna deck moved

After our last meeting, we learned that it would be a simple matter for us to ‘borrow‘ a forklift and a driver to move the antenna deck from behind the building.    So – we did that. The antenna deck is now beside the building to the west, and is in a good position to reconnect the rotor, and mount some antennas.

moving the deck

From the old location

deck moved

To a new position

Thanks Craig – KJ4LAA for these pics. I have in mind to stack three beams on this rotor; 50 MHz, 220 MHz, and John’s 1296 MHz loop yagi. Of course we will need to run feedline, and patch up the rotor cable – but we already have these antennas. This structure will also provide a convenient way to keep the feedline off the ground that we use for the inverted-vee on the wooden pole. This will be a great improvement over the Armstrong rotor we now use on six meters.

Thanks  /;^)

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