Huntsville Hamfest 2010

Hamfest Followup Report – 2010 0823

I thoroughly enjoyed the Huntsville Hamfest this year, and was especially gratified by the welcoming responses I received as I spread the word that
our MARC was alive again. I wanted to make certain that the word was out.

In addition to everyone that I already knew, I made sure to include our SE Division Vice-Director Jeff Beals – WA4AW, (W4OZK already knows about us, and supports our efforts), our Section Manager Jay Isbel – KA4KUN, the new ARRL Emergency Preparedness and Response Manager Mike Corey – W5MPC, and even the new ARRL President Kay Craigie – N3KN.
Got ’em all ! Nothing beats a good hamfest to get everybody in the same room.

As I also help with the AMSAT booth, I had opportunity to mention the ARISS program and the return of NASA/MSFC Radio Club while being interviewed
by Ted Randall for his QSO Radio Show that streams on the internet. You can listen to Ted’s show as broadcast from the Huntsville Hamfest
by visiting his site . . . or via ITunes.

I also made the rounds visiting Yaesu, ICOM, and Kenwood … and several local and regional vendors. In particular we need to acknowledge the
interest and support demonstrated by Huntsville’s own GigaParts !!!

Sunday, George Howard – NW4G, presented to the Marshall Amateur Radio Club a donation of a RadioWavz DX160 antenna. This is a full-length
160 meter band Windom (Off-Center Feed Dipole), that will work all bands with a tuner. We really need to visit George and Patrick at our favorite store – and show our support and express our appreciation for their interest in our club.

Here is a link to the product description and the manufacturer’s site;
( From RadioWavz site )
We will want to install this as soon as we can. /;^)

I just wanted to let everyone in the group know how proud I am that we got enough folks together to get this club back on it’s feet – and encourage you to keep the faith, tell your friends, and continue to support our club activities.

Thanks /;^)

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