MARC in the news.

Someone pointed out that the MARC was mentioned in the latest
Amateur Radio Newsline” (Report 1717).
Thought I would re-post it here, and express our appreciation for the coverage in this well-respected report with a global audience.
Thanks !!! /;^)

ARNewsLine HeaderImage

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And a radio club that assisted in the 1980’s video Amateur Radio’s Newest Frontier has recently been reactivated. This with word that the George C. Marshall Radio Club in Huntsville, Alabama has come bact to active status after being dormant for many years.

On July 1st, one of the first meetings of the club was held with eight in attendance. Leaders say that there are many items that need to address as a club, but they have high hopes of bringing this club back to its formal glory.

Back in the early 1980’s it was members of this radio club that made possible the taping of segments of Amateur Radio’s Newest Frontier dealing with the European Space Agency’s Spacelab that was carried to orbit by the United States Space Shuttle. (Via e-mail)

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