FieldDay2010 pics

Lotsa good action on the bands today for the contest… We have enjoyed the company of several folks at the club station. The most rewarding to me of course, is seeing the new hams working the radio, and learning the routine. Contests like this one are great for that, as many many folks start this way, and no one needs feel awkward – as flubs and tongue-tangles are everywhere. It’s just part of the process. Lots of questions were asked, and answers flowed freely. Here are a few pics taken thru the day so far.

crowd gathering around

Rob, Andrew, David, Stan & Carl

another new ham gets on HF for the 1st time !

David - KJ4OKJ gets his first mic-time on 15m

KJ4OKJ can do radio

KJ4OKJ is not mic-shy at all

ATV equipment

also testing some of the ATV equipment

Scott and his son

Scott - N4JN working 15m with his son Tom logging...

Wil - AI4QT came by

Wil - AI4QT worked both 15m and 20m

Just before Wil got here, I had worked a handful of stations on 50 MHz, first time I have used 6m during Field Day. I was glad Wil stopped by as he asked to see the satellite equipment, and he got to hear a few stations via VO-52. On the next pass I was ready with the uplink, and worked station W5MSQ (the Houston QRP club) for our satellite bonus contact ..!..

We’ll have to see how well the wee hours hold up, it’s already been a long day – and its only 11 pm local. Thanks everyone for coming out – really makes it worth it ..!..

3 responses to “FieldDay2010 pics

  1. Hi Alan: Just wanted to thank you and Wil for making me feel at home today. I look forward to helping you all get the MARC up and running again. Please let me know about the club meetings.

  2. Sure thing Walter, it was great to meet you. I glad you came looking for us – be sure and tell your co-workers about our effort and encourage them to visit soon. It is already time this week for the 1st Thursday meeting – so hopefully you can bring some folks when you come back.
    Thanks /;^)

  3. Hey Walter, good to see you at the club station last Sunday… 73. AI4QT Wil

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