Field Day 2010

This weekend is almost here ! Every year towards the end of June, ham radio clubs and individuals setup their equipment to exercise and demonstrate their capability to provide radio communications across the US and Canada. This year we expect over 35,000 licensed ham radio operators to participate in what we call simply “Field Day“.

ARRL 2010 Field Day logo

ARRL 2010 Field Day logo

We do this as part of our public service initiative to support local, regional, and nationwide emergency management response for natural (or un-natural) emergencies. To encourage more activity and a sense of competitiveness this event is setup as a contest, with a well-structured scoring process. It really is not so much about the final score, but that does help to provide additional incentive to get the word out. Bonus points are awarded for using emergency power, inviting local officials and news media, and other activities that help promote and spread the awareness of the valuable function that ham radio plays in today’s world. If we practice our methods and exercise our equipment and talents, we are well prepared. We continue to prove our point that ham radio works “When All Else Fails“.

ARRL WhenAllElseFails

Amateur Radio provides communications

The Marshall Amateur Radio Club is proud to return to this tradition of ARRL Field Day. In our re-activation of this historic club, rejoining the annual Field Day event is a major milestone. Operating under the classification of “1F“, as an Emergency Operations Center, this station is announcing it’s availability and it’s viability as an extension of the Contingency of Operations plans for the NASA/MSFC Emergency Operations Center. As this club rebuilds it strength and resources, our full service communications offerings will be available to the regional and nationwide emergency management infrastructure as a functional team member. We will not only be advancing the technology by providing training for our new members, but providing a valuable resource for the community.

Please join us for even a brief visit so that we can show-off our technology and demonstrate our commitment to the science and art of radio communication. At this time we can only accommodate those who already have access to MSFC and Redstone Arsenal. We operate from Building 4622, as located on maps further down the page on this website. We will be there from approximately noon Saturday until noon on Sunday (this IS an over-night event) – this weekend Jun 26 & 27… Not a big crowd, nothing fancy – but we take our fun seriously. Ham radio is a professional hobby.

Curious ? Interested in electronic communication ? Already have a license ? Come see us !!
Thanks /;^)

One response to “Field Day 2010

  1. Matt Strickland

    I’ve got baby sitting duty this weekend (all weekend!), but I may see if I can get someone to watch my baby girl so my 4 yr old son and I can come out and participate.

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