JuneVHF results

Followup on the results from the recent VHF Contest : WA4NZD logged 114 contacts . . . . . for a final score of 7626 points ..!.. That is way more than I had expected, but then this was the first VHF contest I have worked where the 6 meter band was working so well. I’m sure some other folks will have higher scores, but for our first operating event in a looooong time – this is a score we can be proud of. Here is a screen shot of the final page of the logging program ( we used the VHFlog from N3FJP) …

screen shot from N3FJP VHF logger

final score from N3FJP VHFlog

The coverage on 50 MHz was awesome, this image doesn’t do it justice, but we logged contacts from northern New England, to upper Minnesota, and from Southern California, down to south Texas… not to mention points in between; Virginia, Kansas, Denver, Alamogordo NM – a total of 55 grid squares in ~ 24 hours.

composite worked-grids image

blue numbers indicate contact locations

I sure did enjoy that 5 element beam on 50 MHz, but not as much as I enjoyed getting some ‘mic-time’ for an up-and-coming new ham – Andrew… The hook is set now, and Field Day has him anxious for more. He is expecting to take his test in July. I’m sure he will be ready.

I’ll be exporting the log, and uploading the contact data to eQSL shortly.
Thanks again to all those who came out to help with our 2010 VHF QSO Party !!

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