June VHF Contest

So this was the big June VHF Contest for this year.

Andrew is working on his license, and was pleased to get some ‘mic time’, especially while the 6m band was working so well. We had contacts from New England all the way across the north out to Colorado and New Mexico. This has to be a great introduction to the magic of radio communication, so many stations to listen to and make contact with.

Andrew at the mic

Andrew learns the contest exchange and adds more points.

John – N5AYD came out Sunday afternoon, and picked up where Andrew left off on 6 meters. I worked some locals on 144, 220 and 432, but these guys got the bulk of the score on 50 MHz.

John enjoying 50 MHz

John - N5AYD is enjoying the 50 MHz activity

N5AYD also brought out a 1.2 GHz transceiver and a loop yagi that he was not using at home, so that we could setup here and learn and experiment some with that band. If we had a little more time and energy we might have made a few contacts on 1296 MHz. I’m pretty sure that there are at least a few stations that we should be able to work from here.

back porch with antennas

N5AYD's 1.2 GHz loop yagi

I’ll be back later this week with the final stats on the contest score… Wanted to push out these pics for now, and encourage folks to come out for our Field Day event. This next activity will be primarily on the HF bands (3 MHz thru 30 MHz), and will go round-the-clock… (June 26 & 27) We expect to run as a 1 transmitter club station, but not under portable field conditions. As un-used as this station has been lately, even this will seem a challenge. The goal is not to get some tremendous score, but to demonstrate to ourselves and the community that this can be a viable station, and that we can produce a worthwhile team effort and have some fun.!!. I’ll post more about this before the weekend gets here.

Here is the eQSL card I’ve put together to get us started. I’ll be submitting our log from the VHF contest as soon as I have double-checked everything. We have already received 3 cards from this contest so far.

sample from eQSL.cc

QSL card for the VHF Contest, via eQSL

Thanks /;^)

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