VHF contest underway

Really enjoying the VHF contest this weekend. Our first visitor was Rolf – K4RGG, the ARRL ARES Emergency Coordinator for Madison County. What a great start to demonstrate the facilities we have here. Rolf was mightily impressed. He also brought out his FT-847 to give it a test drive as it has not been in service for a while. We discovered that the 50 MHz band was working well to the northeast, and Rolf easily logged our first dozen contacts there. This 5 element beam is a winner !!!

K4RGG on 6m

K4RGG working 6m in VHF contest

Andrew has also stopped by, and was pleased to see this much activity. He is working on his license and says he will be back tomorrow. Right after he left Brian – KO4FV showed up with his daughter. Brian took over the 6m operations as the band continues to provide new callsigns from the northeast. We have about 42 contacts so far, from 22 grids on 50 MHz. I’ve added just a handful of local 144 and 432 contacts, but nothing like what we’re finding on 6 meters.

KO4FV on 50 MHz

KO4FV keeps busy on 50 MHz

More later /;^)

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