Quick Maps

Quickly, here are some simple maps showing the location of Bldg 4622 at MSFC. Driving directions : Follow Rideout road all the way south to the end, turn right on Fowler Rd; Centaur is a smaller road that splits off to the left – you can see our tower and antennas. (From http://aprs.fi/wa4nzd )

area map

Rideout Rd from Gate 9

We also typically monitor the 147.100 repeater while we are there.
Centaur St

Centaur St detail

If this is the building you see, then you have found the right place….
Bldg 4622

The MSFC Club Station

Thanks /;^)

7 responses to “Quick Maps

  1. I am unable to make the 5/6/10 meeting, but I am interested in future meetings. Please include me on any distribution emails in the future. I sit in bldg 4600.

    (detail removed by Moderator – but logged internally..)

  2. John Madderra

    I can’t make it today at 4:00 but I would like to be notified about other meetings; eventually I will be able to make it.

    I have had a latent interest in vacuum tube radios since I was a little boy and I would like to learn how to build one someday.

  3. Would be nice to check this place out. Are there set hours?? Somebody email me with Club info.

  4. Angelo KC4TEP

    Well at the Bldg no one’s here.

  5. There was a meeting on 5/6/10; will there be a meeting on 6/6/10 or so? Anytime soon?

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