MARC – signs of life !

By of the end of September, we had collected up and generated all the paperwork necessary to submit a budget request package to the MSFC Exchange Council. Shortly after that we held a short meet-n-greet session at the clubhouse on October 8th, 2009.


Signs of life at Bldg 4622

As a quick listing of those that were able to attend : N4MSN, KJ4NVF, KD4FMK, WB5RMG, KC4GNV, KD5AOM, KI4GAG, KJ4LAA, KB4NEI, KO4FV, N5AYD, WB5UTV, & WB5RZX. Thanks for coming out…

Don – N4MSN has agreed to be MARC President again, and informs us that the budget approval process is not quick – and that it may be the end of the year before we hear anything from the Exchange Council. In the mean time, several have agreed that we need to proceed with our re-activation of the club process – whether we receive any external funding or not. We need to be getting organized and conducting the club’s business as a normal process. In addition to specifying a meeting schedule, we need to have an election (selection) of officers. We do have a list of short-term goals, including establishment and collection of dues.

To facilitate flexible and effective communications within the group, we have started a forum on YahooGroups. This will give us a common route to address everyone in the group, without having to pass a big email list around to everyone. We can just send to one address * wa4nzd(@) * and it gets re-delivered to all of us. To use this address tho, you must be subscribed using the email address that you will be sending from. If you do not have a Yahoo ID, just use your call sign as that should be globally unique. It gave me a Yahoo email address, but I don’t have to use it. If you are new to YahooGroups you may find a lot of very useful and interesting mailing lists here. A lot of the old UseNet News Groups have been updated and replaced by these YahooGroup mailing lists. I have joined a dozen or more, and receive some postings one-at-a-time as they appear in real-time, others are accumulated into a ‘Daily Digest’, some I’ve subscribed to as ‘Web Only’ – it is your choice.

We selected this method over passing around a custom address list, as those can be so difficult and awkward to maintain. This allows each user to update and manage how they choose to receive MARC email. So far we have only had 10 people sign up. I was expecting more than that by now. I announced this in my last MARC update (20091016 MARC update – email from WB5RMG) – and suggested that I would send no more by the old route… That apparently wasn’t enough, so I’ll send it one more time.
Please sign up on that list for further updates…………….

Please visit and hit the BLUE “Join This Group!” button. Your membership requires a moderator’s approval (WB5RMG), but once approved, there is no further moderation ! If I don’t already know you from the previous email list, please send additional comments as an introduction. This is not a public group, and only approved members will have access to the email addresses, photos, and databases we will host there. This will not increase your spam count.

OK, I know that we are approaching a major holiday season, and time for such ‘playful hobbies’ may be limited – but we have to at least start getting our organizational foundation laid before the new year starts. Most importantly we need to select officers and set a meeting schedule. From a quick poll we took last month, Thursday after work was the most popular choice for a monthly meeting option. Once we have more folks on the YahooGroup, we can run a more accurate poll from there.

Thanks /;^)

2 responses to “MARC – signs of life !

  1. John Howard

    Also maybe we could start coordinating meet and greets on the 147.100 repeater. It has excellent coverage for all of RSA and I can hit it from home (Hillsboro) with a 5 Watt HT!!!

  2. On behalf of WA4NZD, I’ve submitted a nomination for Huntsville to become a candidate for Google fiber to the home

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