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TS-830 works again

TS-830 works again

The make operable activity on the HF station Friday afternoon was successful. There was no real disfunction to repair, but it was a good exercise in figuring out what we have, what works, what we need, etc… I spent most of the time looking for a probe, or even a cut-off BNC connector to use with the oscilloscope. Turns out – the cable between the mic stand and the radio can be plugged into the mic stand the right way and the wrong way. It has a symetrical pin config, but no mechanical key to ensure proper orientation. There is a tiny red dot on both the plug and the base connector. Once it was oriented properly – it worked. I had previously been able to go thru the TS-830 tune-up procedure on 20m, and the antenna was ready. Now with audio the radio can put out modulated RF. I made a brief contact with a station near Boulder Colorado for an audio check. Now that this station is operable, we need to establish our guidelines on it’s use – things such as training, logging, care-and-feeding of, etc… There is one more ‘trick’ to putting this station on-air, which I will share with those that get ‘flight-qualified’ on this rig… Still needs a good cleaning up but otherwise, it is now available for listening and general enjoyment.

Thanks /;^)

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