HF station cleanup

From Friday, 2 Nov.2007 – I stopped by 4622 for lunch and cleaned up some around the HF station. Noticed some loose strands in the AC connector for the Linear Amp, and left a note that it needs a clean-up before it gets plugged back in. I swapped the desktop shelf with one from the south wall, seemed a bit sturdier. Also found a replacement coax jumper to go between the rig and the tuner, the old one had questionable connectors – I left the old one in the trash can.

Cleaned Cleared off the top of that file cabinet to the right of the desk, and moved the phone over there. Also pulled the desk out from the wall far enough to leave room behind for easier access. I might suggest that we disconnect coax at the back of each radio when we leave – even tho it is not lightnin season.

As we are into November, I also switched the thermostat over to heat, and set for ~ 60 degrees. All in all – things are looking better.

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