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It was nearly two years ago that I first learned that the MSFC radio club used to occupy Bldg 4622, and that perhaps, just maybe, there might be enough interest to launch a re-activation of the Marshall club . . .

About a half-dozen of us met over there and started trying to sort out details like what it had been, who had done what, what was left, and what would it take to bring it back to life. I started a web site on my server at home, so that we could try to keep track of our efforts, and have a place to share ideas and perhaps build some support.

We did make some good progress in cleaning out an accumulation of neglect, and identified a few more folks that had at least a passing interest in the effort. The more we dug into the past history of WA4NZD the more impressed we were with the accomplishments of the club. Some of this information made it into the first web site, and may show up here as well. We even found a few more hams that had once been a part of that earlier group.

Unfortunately there is a requirement that the four club officers need to be civil servants, and most of us were contractors – and the effort sort-of fizzled out before it could even get a good start. About a year ago, I had taken on a role with the Huntsville – Madison County ARES/RACES organization to build a new website for that group, and decided to not spread myself too thin, and focus more on the group that already exists, than on the one that didn’t really exist yet… The MSFC club effort went no further as soon as I quit pushing on the rope.

Recent events have led to a discussion of WA4NZD again, and having met several more folks over the last year or two the possibility of another attempt to jump-start the club has begun. With a fresh start comes a new web site, as technology and methods have improved. I’ll bring a few of the old posts over here from the old site, but it didn’t really have much anyway.

So, the old site ( had database registration and some of you may have registered there. I still have the contact information, but that site is now considered ‘out of service’ and you are encouraged to join in here with your ideas and feedback. This will only come to pass if you are willing to voice your interest and offer your visions and support towards this goal.

Please take a few minutes to read the ‘Welcome’ page and the ‘About’ links at the top of the page header. This site does not require a registration, but all comments will be moderated. You must provide your name and an email address to post comments. Your email address is used internally to provide administrative confirmation to you, and does not show up in the comments unless you include it in your posts. Please don’t be bashful – let us hear from you. Tell your ham-friends about this site, and encourage them to visit and share their ideas with the group. Most of all, we need to collectively come up with the passion and energy to bring this club back to life…

Thanks /;^)

One response to “New Blog for MARS

  1. Hi folks ! Heard the WA4NZD callsign last night and although I tried to call, the operator must have changed freq, went QRT or something. I was highly interested in a short QSO as I had worked for NGC from 2001 – 2009 and spent much time out at the arsenal back in those years. I recall seeing the station QTH but wasn’t terribly active in ham radio at the time. My brush with death and subsequent disability changed that, though. Doctors orders/suggestion to me was to get back into ham radio to deal with effects of the TBI that I suffered in a near fatal helicopter crash in 2006.

    Just thought I’d try to chat with someone up there where I used to call “home”. Glad to hear of the work on getting the station going/flowing again. Maybe I’ll have another chance to hear you on again. I’ll give a call if I do !

    Have a great day and 73 !!!

    Pete Spinelli – N4YOT

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